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Longbox is a comic book platform and tool for comic book readers and collectors to manage their pull list, stay on top of new releases, and browse through a massive comic book library.

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Marvel Comics Peter Parker Spectacular Spider-man
  • 2018 - Now
  • 8 issues
  • Starts 5/9/2018
Marvel Comics Avengers
  • 2018 - Now
  • 2 issues
  • Starts 5/2/2018
DC Comics Justice League No Justice
  • 2018 - Now
  • 4 issues
  • Starts 5/9/2018
Image Comics Barrier
  • 2018 - Now
  • 5 issues
  • Starts 5/9/2018
Marvel Comics Black Panther
  • 2018 - Now
  • 1 issue
  • Starts 5/23/2018